Dave Lu - Fanpop

You probably never heard of Fanpop and you don’t know how big it is. That’s because Dave Lu and his co-founders are too busy working to talk up their success. Besides, tech entrepreneurs like you aren’t their target demographic and, as a four-man team, they don’t have the time to court your attention.

But this is a story you need to hear because these scrappy founders grew Fanpop to 100 million monthly page views and over $1 million annual profits. There’s a lot to learn from how they did it.

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RocketTheme Founder

How do you build a profitable business selling themes? That’s what I invited Andy Miller, founder of RocketTheme, to learn.

RocketTheme sells themes on a subscription basis, is bootstrapped and generates over $2 million in annual sales. While it’s known for its Joomla! themes, RocketTheme also has a robust collection of themes for other publishing platforms, like WordPress.

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Mok Oh

Should you partner instead of building your own team?

When Mok Oh, the co-founder of EveryScape, told me about the issues his company had building out a sales team, I invited him to do this interview and talk candidly about what happened and how partnering with an outside sales team helped him take a giant leap forward.

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Nori Yoshida

You’ll hear Nori Yoshida admit that didn’t negotiate hard enough when he sold his second company, Kenlet, which made community-based sites that featured Q&A, news and suggestions. He’s not a salesman.

So how did he grow and sell two startups? You’ll find out in this interview. You’ll also hear about Curebit, a Y Combinator company that incentivizes customers to refer their friends.

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Dan Shapiro

Every time I try to describe why you should grab Dan Shapiro’s interview, I realize that my writing skills don’t do this story justice.

So I’m going to remind about all those times when you told me, “Andrew, you have too many interviews on Mixergy. Can’t you just tell me which ones I should listen to?” I’m telling you now. Listen to this one.

Dan is the co-founder of Ontela, a mobile photo site that he merged with Photobucket. Today…

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Jason Cohen

In a world where entrepreneurs seem to care more about hits than revenue, how do you build a profitable, ad-based business?

Joining me in this interview is Jason Cohen, a founder who did it three times. He sold 2 and is now running a third. He sold his first company, WiseAds, to About.com, and …

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Collis Ta'eed

Collis Ta’eed of Envato comes up with a lot of business ideas. This is the story of how he built a profitable business by thinking through each of those idea’s potential on a Moleskine notebook and turning those notes into active web sites.

He wouldn’t reveal just how profitable his privately held, unfunded business is, but he confirmed that it generates over a million dollars in annual revenue and…

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Tommy McClung

How does an upstart compete in an industry that’s over 100 years old?

In this interview you’ll hear Tommy McClung, co-founder of CarWoo, talk about how his company got attention at a time when it had more determination than money. From driving cupcakes to local car dealers to…

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MJ DeMarco

I would have totally missed this interview if not for MJ DeMarco’s readers, who emailed me frequently to tell me how much his business advice has influenced their lives. (You’ll hear in the interview why I was so slow to ask for this interview, but for now I’ll tell you I was wrong.)

MJ DeMarco launched Limos.com and sold it in 2000. He then bought it back at a discount and resold it for…

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David Heinemeier Hansson

The blasphemous part of this interview comes when David Heinemeier Hansson blasts many of the ideas that entrepreneurs hold sacred. Suffering isn’t the heroic way to work. It’s a sign you might be working on the wrong thing. Charging and profiting don’t make you evil or short-sighted. They ensure you can grow. It’s inspiring, and it’s why I invited David of 37signals to do this interview.

For the revelation, listen to…

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