Timothy Sykes

This interview didn’t go as I expected.

I thought Mr. Confidence, Timothy Sykes, was going to return to Mixergy to reveal his blog’s 2010 revenue (he did, $1.3 million) and crow about the successful launch of his two new businesses, Investimonials & Profit.ly. But instead of talking up his successes, he decided to have a public airing of all the mistakes he made last year while trying to grow beyond blogging.

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Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder runs a training company which teaches small businesses how to create fame using social media and online marketing. Last year, she says her business generated about $300,000 in revenue.

I invited her to Mixergy to teach how she built her business. We covered everything from how she created the first product that she sold, to how she got her audience, to what ideas she needed to communicate to convert that audience into paying customers. We also detailed the specific software you can use to create a similar business.

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Audience Stage

I sent an email about this event to the Mixergy mailing list to gauge interest, and instantly over 200 tickets were snapped up.

I’m sorry to post this before I can reveal the details, but I’m worried that if I don’t post a link quickly, it’ll sell out completely and you won’t get a chance to lock in your ticket.

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Paul Farnell

Paul Farnell is proud that he launched Litmus with a used computer and a few hundred bucks, instead of raising money for his company from investors.

But starting a business with little money meant he needed a lot of hustle, and you’ll hear him talk very openly about the feats he pulled off. I was going to add a few examples to this intro to give you a sense of how he did it, but I think you’ll miss the value if I take them out of context. Instead, I’ll tell you that if you trust me at all to steer you towards ideas you need to hear, you should grab this interview ASAP.

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Alex Bard

What do you do when giants in your industry make your original business idea obsolete?

In 2004, Alex Bard and his co-founders launched Goowy a web-based desktop replacement that gave users a more vibrant email interface than existed at the time. Then Google launched Gmail, which…

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Brian Kaldenberg - photo

Brian Kaldenberg is a Mixergy viewer who grew ProofreadingPal to a over $8,000 in monthly within a few months by using clever marketing techniques that are easy to implement.

I hear from many Mixergy fans who hate when I talk about “big ideas,” instead of focusing on usable tactics. If that’s you, listen to this interview with a notepad, because Brian gets very specific.

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Coming Soon: Testing Tuesdays

Test Tubes photo

At the start of 2010, I made a commitment to post a new Mixergy interview with a remarkable entrepreneur every weekday. It was exhausting at first, but by the end of the year my work was drastically improved in every way (quality of interviews, audience size, access to interviewees, etc.).

This year, I want to further increase the quality of my work by creating products so good that my audience would be willing to pay for them. The problem is…

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Danny Wen of Harvest

This is the story of how a frustration led to a bootstrapped company that does over a million in annual revenue.

In 2005, Danny Wen and his friend Shawn Liu ran a consulting company that had trouble tracking time and invoicing clients. They figured other businesses had the same issue, so they set out to build a web-based solution. Four months later, they launched Harvest. Within a year, it was so successful that they were able to transition away from consulting work to focus completely on products.

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Jeff Lawson

My goal for this interview is to help you learn how to recruit all kinds of partnerships for your business by learning how Twilio teamed up with a massive number of developers.

When I heard that Twilio recruited 20,000 partners I invited the company’s founder, Jeff Lawson, to teach us how he did it. Twilio provides a web-service API for businesses to build killer apps that interact with phones.

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I’m giving the keynote talk at StartupRiot, a 1-day conference in Atlanta, GA on February 16. I want to use it as an opportunity to meet you in person.

StartupRiot features 3-minute pitches from 50 startups. If you’re applying to present, name drop “Mixergy.” I have to believe that if the conference organizer thought enough of my work to ask me to keynote his conference he’ll pay extra attention to my readers’ startups.

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Matt Lauzon

Even though he can’t program and had zero previous experience in the jewelry business, Matt Lauzon, Gemvara’s founder, is disrupting the industry and generating millions in sales.

Part of the reason for his success is that he had a great idea: let people custom jewelry online. Not only does that model give customers exactly the design they want, it also has some search engine optimization and marketing advantages — as you’ll hear in the interview.

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