Eric Kuhn FoundersCard

While you may know Eric Kuhn as the creator of FoundersCard, a members-only community for leading entrepreneurs and innovators, I think you need to hear how he turned around his previous company.

In 1997 Eric founded Varsity Books, and reached a height that few entrepreneurs achieve. He took the online college book seller company public. But soon after…

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Greg Tseng

Greg Tseng’s lack of focus started with a huge success. Even though he and his co-founder worked on CrushLink part time, they built the crush discovery site into a $2+ million cash cow. Since it didn’t take much time to build one profitable company, they thought, why not incubate multiple companies and multiply their success?

This is the story of why that approach didn’t work. And why focusing on just one company helped them build Tagged into a profitable, 100 million member social network.

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Rajeev Singh

This is the story of Concur, a company that was birthed in Rajeev Singh’s apartment. You’ll see him hold up the first product that he and his co-founders created, a shrink-wrapped box of software that helped businesspeople keep track of their expenses.

How could such a simple start lead to a company that’s worth about $3 billion on the public market today? Listen to the interview to hear Rajeev tell you his story.

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Jennifer Hyman Jennifer Fleiss

How do you take an idea that no one’s ever heard of before and make it into a business with 750,000 members?

I invited Jennifer Hyman & Jennifer Fleiss of Rent The Runway to Mixergy so we could learn they did it. Their innovative idea was to create a site that lets its members rent dresses and accessories at a fraction of the price of purchasing them. This is the story of how they tested, built and grew their vision.

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Jess Pugsley

How do you convert your product vision into an actual product?

Joining me for this program to help answer that question I invited Jess Pugsle of Fusionapps, because he’s the guy I call up when I’m trying to figure out how to use software to solve my audience’s problems.

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