Eric Ingram

Most people will ignore this post because I used the word “failed” in the headline. Don’t make the mistake that they’ll make.

If you only admire successful companies and don’t examine the failed ones you won’t get a complete understanding of what it takes to build a business.

Eric Ingram gave one of the most insightful and useful startup postmortems that I’ve ever heard. If you listen to this interview, you’ll hear how RedTagCrazy generated over $800,000…

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Don’t Give Up – with Ty Morse

Ty Morse

How does an upstart with no money become a giant in the mobile space.

The short answer is persistence. For the longer, more meaningful answer, listen to this interview. You’ll hear the story of how Ty Morse’s persistence helped him make Songwhale into a company that turns users with mobile phones into viral marketing machines.

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Does it even matter?


I got an email this morning from Tristan, Mixergy’s producer saying, “Today’s guest is in London and doesn’t have his computer, which means he doesn’t have a way to do an interview.”

Does it matter if I record an interview today and publish it tomorrow?

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Michael Russo

How do you build a successful mobile app company?

This is the story of how Michael Russo and his co-founders built hundreds of mobile apps that are used by over 8 million people. As you’ll see in the interview, what put his company, Polar Mobile, on hyper-speed is partnering with top media brands like Time, Elle, CBS Sports and CNN. Wait till you hear how his team of founders got those brands to say, ‘yes’ to partnering.

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Gauri Nanda

I hardly ever get to interview successful entrepreneurs behind manufactured products because physical products are much harder to make than software.

This is the story of how Gauri Nanda overcame the challenges to make Clocky into a hit. If you’re interested in how to turn an idea into a product that sells, grab this interview now. We cover a lot of specific details here.

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Coming Back – with Luke Burgis

Luke Burgis

Of the hundreds of interviews I’ve done, do you know which one I keep referring back to mentally? My original interview with Luke Burgis. He talked so openly about the closure of his previous company that the message behind is stories stuck: don’t do too much.

Well Luke is back with a new company, ActivPrayer, a faith-based fitness program. I…

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Dave Lu - Fanpop

You probably never heard of Fanpop and you don’t know how big it is. That’s because Dave Lu and his co-founders are too busy working to talk up their success. Besides, tech entrepreneurs like you aren’t their target demographic and, as a four-man team, they don’t have the time to court your attention.

But this is a story you need to hear because these scrappy founders grew Fanpop to 100 million monthly page views and over $1 million annual profits. There’s a lot to learn from how they did it.

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