Josh Walker

How do you grow your site’s membership without blowing tons of money on marketing?

Josh Walker came up with a clever idea that I think you can learn a lot from. Listen to this interview to see how he used voting (and smart partnerships with well-known media outlets) to make CityVoter into a directory of local businesses that has over 2 million members.

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Mentorship Session: How To Launch


Having trouble launching your new product or startup?

Iā€™m putting together a mentor session to help.

If you join, you will get a framework for launching, along with specific action steps to take after the session is over.

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Seth Lieberman

You wouldn’t think that earning too much money would be a danger for a young business, but as this interview shows, if you let it distract you from product development, your revenue could disappear.

When Seth Lieberman’s Pangea Media racked up over $10 million in annual revenue within 2 years in business, he says…

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Richard Branson

Don’t miss this great story from my interview with Trent Kitsch, the scrappy entrepreneur who got Richard Branson to promote Saxx Apparel, the premium underwear brand he founded.

It’s one of many inspiring stories of creative marketing that Trent told and I hope you listen to the full interview to hear them all.

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Ali Moiz

How do you go from zero to over 10 million in annual revenue?

Ali Moiz, co-founder of Peanut Labs did it by creating a clever monetization technique that allows companies to get paid every time their users fill out surveys. In the fall of 2010, he sold the company to e-Rewards.

I invited him here to talk about 2 big topics: How…

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Mike Olson

“We got laughed out of the room of the venture capitalists we talked to,” Mike Olson told me when I asked him why he didn’t raise money for Sleepycat, his open-source embedded database company. “You’re going to make a living selling free [open source] software?” They said. “That ain’t going to work!”

This is the story of how he made it work, and earned “a wonderful profit” until he sold Sleepycat to Oracle in 2006. It’s also the story of how…

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Trent Kitsch of SAXX

Trent Kitsch didn’t have money to launch Saxx Apparel, so he told the bank he needed a student loan. A few forms later, he got his money and was in business.

That’s the kind of hustle and audacity that built this business. This interview is full of real-world stories that your college professor and favorite business author won’t have the guts to teach you.

Oh, and what’s Saxx Apparel? It’s…

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Miguel Hernandez

More and more I’m finding that if I create a sales page, people ignore the text on the page and go right to the video. After watching the video, they decide whether to buy from me or to move on. That’s why I want to learn — along with you — how to create persuasive videos.

To do that, I invited Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media. He’s the guy who Ashton Kutcher…

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