Jennifer Hyman Jennifer Fleiss

How do you take an idea that no one’s ever heard of before and make it into a business with 750,000 members?

I invited Jennifer Hyman & Jennifer Fleiss of Rent The Runway to Mixergy so we could learn they did it. Their innovative idea was to create a site that lets its members rent dresses and accessories at a fraction of the price of purchasing them. This is the story of how they tested, built and grew their vision.

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Jess Pugsley

How do you convert your product vision into an actual product?

Joining me for this program to help answer that question I invited Jess Pugsle of Fusionapps, because he’s the guy I call up when I’m trying to figure out how to use software to solve my audience’s problems.

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Enchantment – with Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

This is the place where I usually write an intro to help you figure out if you should invest an hour and listen to the interview I recorded for you, but I can’t really put into text why this is such a good interview.

Yes, as…

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David Tisch - photo

The TechStars accelerator program is big with my audience because it helps launch dozens of smart startups every year.

I did this interview to learn about David Tisch, the man who brought TechStars to New York and is the local Managing Director of the program. In this interview you’ll hear about his entrepreneurial background (including a good example of why entrepreneurs shouldn’t allow themselves to be trapped inside big companies) and how he makes his investment decisions.

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Testing Tuesdays

A few weeks ago I said that I wanted to create educational products that are so actionable the Mixergy audience would be eager to pay for them. The problem was, to quote that post, I had “no freakin’ idea what to create.”


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Saeed Amidi

Imagine leaving your country to go to school and suddenly there’s a revolution that prevents you from going back home. How would you rebuild your life?

That’s what happened to Saeed Amidi after the Iranian revolution. This is the story of how he hustled and built himself up, and how he went on to help hundreds of tech startups grow, including PayPal, which leased office space from him and became one of his first angel investments.

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Unity Stoakes

When OrganizedWisdom’s co-founder, Unity Stoakes, launched his business he wrote out his ideal list of advisers, supporters and board members. The list included tech investor and visionary Esther Dyson, and former Time Warner head, Gerald Levin.

This is the story of how he turned his wish list into reality and his advice for others who want to do the same.

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Ben Milne, Photo from Silicon Prairie News

As a high school student, Ben Milne say on his couch till he wore a deep groove in it and sold speakers online. He says his promotion strategy in the early days was answer audiophiles’ questions on message boards and link them to his online speaker store, Elemental Designs.

Listen to the full interview to hear how he got his first customers, how he celebrated his first million and why he decided to sell the company.

To follow that up, he created Dwolla, which is…

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Peter Guber

I was nervous on my trip to Atlanta because I was scheduled to give a keynote at StartupRiot and I didn’t have time to prepare a talk. To figure out a solution (and to prep for this interview) I read Peter Guber’s new book, Tell to Win, about how storytelling can make you more persuasive.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I gave my talk, and…

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