How does one speech help change the lives of over 1/2 million people in need?

Joining me is Jessica jackley. In 2003 she heard a speech which she took as a “call to action.” It led her to co-found Kiva Microfunds…

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This is a story of a founder who used a different approach to launching his company.

Joining me is Phill Simon, while working on animation at Mondo Media, he had a vision for launching a business. Instead of quitting, he…

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Jean-Daniel Muller

For Jean-Daniel Muller of Siel Bleu it’s not about the money. He got hooked on the idea of using exercise to help people in nursing homes have more fun and get healthier.

At first he felt a lot of criticism from people who thought he was endangering the elderly, but then…

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Of all the ideas that T. A. McCan helped incubate at Vulcan Capital, what was it about Gist, the social address book, that made him want to run the company?

To me, his answer to that question is one of the most interesting parts of the interview. When you listen to him explain how he evaluated his options, I think it’ll…

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Ben Chong

Ben Chong says he didn’t know about the airline industry before co-founding Jetabroad, one of Australia’s leading online travel companies. This is the story of how he learned and why knowing how to run a business may be more important than understanding the industry it’s in.

We also spend a lot of time in this interview talking about Mobile Stop, the mobile phone reseller Ben co-founded in the late 90s.

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