Michael Moon and Quoc Bui

If you don’t know how to program or don’t want to create your own apps, this course will show you how to get your apps made by inexpensive outsourcers.

It’s led by 2 guys who got 35 million mobile app downloads — and didn’t have to code any of their apps.

Watch how they did it.

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Ryan Carson

You’ll see in Ryan Carson’s face how shocked he was to reveal his revenue, but I promise this interview is about more than numbers. You’ll get a DETAILED break-down of how an entrepreneur creates a company that changes lives and grows revenue.

Did you see last week’s launch of Treehouse, the innovative educational site that teaches programming? Basically, …

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How are marketers using video to get high-quality traffic?

Turns out YouTube is the second biggest search engine, after Google. And just as, years ago, marketers built businesses on the back of Google’s massive growth, today many are growing with YouTube. I invited the founder of Video Traffic Academy here to teach us how he does it.

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How does an entrepreneur with little money use clever hacks to build traction?

Chuck Gordon is about to get very open with you and show you the tactics he used, including, calling up customers to sell things he didn’t even have yet, publishing a site that didn’t really work, and forgoing paying rent on a standalone office by parking himself in his advisor’s office. (That last tactic came with a nice bonus, as you’ll hear soon.)

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How do you increase your productivity so you could get more free time? That’s what this interview is about.

As the founder of SET Consulting, Jared Goralnick helped hundreds of companies make real productivity gains. After selling that business, he went on to launch AwayFind.com, which lets you stop checking your inbox every 5 minutes but still allows urgent emails to find you quickly by pushing them right to you with alerts.

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Juan Martitegui

Even if you’re clueless about marketing, this course will show you how to blueprint your customer acquisition so you can get more customers.

It’s led by Juan Martitegui, who starts the course by showing you his own financials to illustrate what these tactics have done for his company, Mind Valley Hispano. Then he walks you through the process of using his system in your own business.

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How does an employee turn himself into a hit-making entrepreneur and investor?

After spending years in sales and engineering at UUNET and other companies, Jonathon Perrelli founded Plesk, The Shadow Group, eTantrum, SecureSoftware, & SecureForce.

As an investor, he backed Plaxo, FormSpring, FormStack, and other companies. Then he launched Fortify.vc, where founders fund founders.

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