So you built a great product, but the press is yawning. They’re not even responding to your email.

What do you do?

In this course, you’re going to learn how to get the press to write about you, using the same system that got FeeFighters into Business Week, The New York Times, Inc, and other media.

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Lead Generation 101 [Resource Page]

Lead Gen

Are you sick of setting pageview records, while your revenue stays flat — or rises just enough to cover your higher hosting bill?

If this sounds familiar…

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Mark Brooks got a surprise when he spent 30 days in Shanghai. Not only didn’t his company suffer because of his absence, but it actually PICKED UP CLIENTS.

That’s the indication of a real business (as opposed to a job you create for yourself).

So how did he do it? I asked Mark to flip on his computer screen and teach you.

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We’re obsessed with building great products, but what we’re often missing is the ability to show the world WHY that what we’re building is worth people’s time, money, trust, etc.

In one of the most curse-filled and frank interviews on Mixergy, Neville Medhora talks about how his ‘Kopywriting’ process has shown founders measurable increases in sales, clicks and user-passion. And he’ll teach you a few tactics that you can use the next time you’re writing sales copy.

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