This is the story of how Antonio Ferreira, along with friends he met online, hand-assembled a few servers and built a company that helped people in Portugal go online for the first time.

You can tell from the headline that it has a happy ending, but how exactly did they pull it off? How did these guys who couldn’t even afford decent equipment and were frequently close to failure build a multimillion dollar company? That’s what you’ll hear in this interview.

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Dror Ceder

How does a failed search engine turn into a toolbar company that sells for a reported $45 million?

Dror Ceder is the co-founder of Wibiya, a platform for publishers to integrate applications into their site, through a web-based toolbar. In April 2011, he sold his company to Conduit, a company he met in a surprising way, as you’ll hear soon.

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How does a site that was built in 50 hours become a $10 million per year business? John Rydell is the founder of Networx Online, a company that makes it easy for home-based salespeople to create web sites that collect leads and generate business.

I invited him to tell us the story behind that company’s success. I also want to find out…

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How do you sell to businesses and grow monthly recurring revenue?

We talk a lot about selling to consumers, but I want to do this interview on selling to businesses. So I invited Chris Savage to teach how he did it at Wistia, which provides video marketing tools for businesses. You might have…

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