I’m looking for founders whose accomplishments will inspire and guide my audience of hard-working, ambitious entrepreneurs. If that’s you, let me interview you and help you tell your story in a way that will shape other founders’ lives, and become the kind of record of your accomplishments that will make future generations of your family proud.

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How does an entrepreneur generate over $400,000 in revenue within his first year by helping businesses with their Facebook strategy?

Nathan Latka is founder of, which helps businesses create custom fan pages in under 30 seconds. I’ve talked to Nathan via email over the past few months and I realized he was on to something. I didn’t realize how big it was until…

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Imagine creating your next product and KNOWING it will sell because your customers TOLD YOU they’d buy it before you poured your time into making it. In fact, let’s go a step further. Imagine your customers actually gave you money for this product before you built it and now they’re cheering you on and helping you create it, because they feel like they’re on a mission WITH YOU.

Now stop imaging and listen to this program, because…

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