Kera: How Too Many Users Too Early Can Hurt A Company – with Max Cameron

I promised Max that I’d make his interview available to Premium Members only. I do this with guests who are willing to share their stories, but don’t want to be famous. –Andrew


  • Irina Zayats

    Incredibly useful interview! I am working on a saas app at the moment and today’s interview touched on so many points I think about daily. THANK YOU both.

  • Arie at Mixergy

    That’s fantastic to hear

  • Poor Man

    Oh no Premium only :( a shame… I do not have any money.

  • Manish Malik

    Thank you for this Fantastic Interview!

    I remember several Mixergy interviews that take place in my “Recommended” list, but this one just shot up to the top of the list right now. The most important lesson in the interview was “Make sure you add value. Don’t be in a hurry to add customers; first make sure your product delivers the value it was supposed to, for the existing customers.” There were more lessons, and I’d end up jotting these in a comment or in a post somewhere soon.

    Once again, both Max and Andrew, thanks for this.

  • Success81

    Andrew, I can still download this interview through my RSS feed without logging in Premium.

  • Andrew Warner

    Thanks for telling me. That’s because it was public for a while on the day of the post. We fixed it and it was gone soon after.

  • Brian

    Andrew – Thanks again for mentioning SweetProcess on Mixergy!

    My partners (Owen and Jervis) and I really owe a lot to Mixergy for making SweetProcess happen. The idea for a tool to document systems/processes came from listening to so many Mixergy interviews and courses about systemizing.

    My partners and I all hit on that same pain point and coincidentally all started working on the same idea around the same time. Mixergy was responsible in one way or another for the 3 of us meeting and partnering.

    As we planned, built and released the product, we frequently reference Mixergy interviews to help guide our path with SweetProcess, as well as our other projects.

    Your site continues to be an incredible resource especially for bootstrappers like us.

    Thanks Andrew

  • Andrew Warner

    Glad to inspire such beautiful software.

    And I’m looking forward to having you on Mixergy.

  • Virgil Hare

    this would have been a cool wordpress plugin