I’m looking for 2 volunteers who want to learn promotion

How would you promote a Mixergy infographic?

John Meyer of Lemon.ly created an infographic to solve one of my biggest problems. Then he offered to promote it, because that’s what his company does. They create and promote.

So I said, “John, if you do it all, then I’ll never really learn from you. What if you got on the phone with me and couple of smart people from my audience and taught us how you promote? Then we’ll try what you do and see if it works for us.”

He said he’d try it, but he also wants to have his team help out, because like I said, that’s what they do.

Soooo. Do you want to promote an infographic with me?

It’s a small project. Shouldn’t take us more than a couple of hours. John will jump on the phone with us and tell us what to do. Then he’ll guide us a bit via email.

I can’t post John’s work on Mixergy for a few more weeks, but of course you’ll get to see it when we talk to John.

Doing this will help Mixergy, but that shouldn’t be your only motivation. Do it because you want to learn from John. That’s why I’m doing it.

So whattaya say? Want to do it? Fill this out within 48 hours:

This opportunity is over.

  • Drew Macomber

    Perfect timing. We’re actually working on a number of infographics right now. Plan to start rolling them out in 3 months. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • http://billionsuccess.com/ Herby Fabius

    That sounds very interesting. I am always looking to learn from the best in the business. Count me in.

  • Melissa Plotnick

    Amazing the effects infographics can have on our perception and in conveying such a complex idea so quickly = world changing. I am SO in! For people who would like to find out more here is a great PBS vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdSZJzb-aX8&feature=share Enjoy!

  • Mimika Cooney

    Totally up my ally! As a pro photographer/filmmaker I love anything visual. Count me in!

  • Mitesh

    Andrew, awesomeness great idea I’d like to see more things like this where we can learn as well.

  • Wasim Osman

    Hi, is it still available

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