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How To Buy Traffic Profitably

Even if you have a tiny budget

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Ilya’s Scrappy System:

Ilya Lichtenstein wanted to buy ads, but he didn’t have money to blow on expensive search engine links, and he wasn’t willing to waste cash on banners that would end up on web sites he never heard of.

He needed a smarter idea.

That’s when he discovered the scrappy ad buying system you’re going to learn in this course.

The basic idea behind Ilya’s system is this: Instead of buying ads from big search engines or giant ad networks, go after small sites that have little traffic and little pricing leverage.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “These tiny sites don’t have enough traffic to change my business!”

You’re right. Individually none of these sites will rock your world, but if you buy traffic from multiple tiny sites, the traffic is substantial.

Want to know something even better? When you buy ads from search engines, don’t you hate how you’re forced to compete against advertisers who have deeper pockets than you? In this course, you’ll learn how to find sites the big guys are ignoring. Beat them by refusing to play their game.

This course will show you how to…

…find sites that have your perfect audience.

…send an email that will get publishers’ attention instantly. (Ilya a/b tested many emails and he’ll give you the exact email that worked best.)

…use the “magic question” which will get you a lower ad price.

what you get:

Bottom line impact

If you’re an experienced ad buyer, you know that the right tactics will shave thousands of dollars from your ad budget and directly grow your bottom line.

The proven system in this course will give you unmatched value.

Clear examples

Don’t you hate to hear examples that only work in theory? This course is full of real-world examples. You’ll see them in action on your computer screen.

Full course material

You can watch this 80-minutes course online, or download it to your favorite media player.

You’ll also get links to all the resources you’ll need to implement the systems in this course right away.