The easy way to get leads and close sales by networking on LinkedIn

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This guide is based on Mixergy’s course with Carlos “Los” Silva.

After his home automation company went under and depleted his cash, Carlos “Los” Silva built a successful lead generation business. It was all done by finding clients on LinkedIn, so we invited him to teach you how to do it.

Los is a relationship marketing expert and the director of social development for

Here are a few actionable highlights from the course.

1. Divide your LinkedIn contact list into segments so you can focus your marketing

Los used LinkedIn’s tag feature to sort his contacts into categories like “staffing” and “Web design,” and he invited certain groups to attend webinars.

Take Action:
Read your contacts’ profiles and divide them into groups based on their jobs or interests.

2. Send targeted surveys to contacts to test ideas and pre-sell products

Los sent 100 real estate agents a message that he was thinking about creating a product to help them use social media and about 40 of them were interested.

Take Action:
Send one of your contact segments a message describing a product you’d like to sell and ask, “Do you want it?”

3. Join a LinkedIn group and offer to help other members to turn them into customers

Los volunteered to help groups by being a manager, and in most cases the group owners agreed to promote his webinars and offline events.

Take Action:
Join a group, offer to help run the group or share useful information, and then ask the group owner to help promote your products.

4. Post videos to get a better click-through rate

Los had a friend who found a job within a week of sending her video resume to relevant LinkedIn groups.

Take Action:
Record a video of yourself speaking, include webinar slides when appropriate, and send the video to the other group members.

5. Send prospects to a landing page or webinar to market to them directly

Los’s client directed people to a landing page with a survey about their executive coaching needs, and then the client called them to sell his coaching services.

Take Action:
If any of your contacts ask about your services, invite them to sign up for a webinar or to visit a landing page and fill out a survey.

6. Focus your sales efforts on the right decision makers to increase sales

Los researched an upcoming event, found the people who were in charge of marketing it, and suggested that they hire him to do the event’s LinkedIn community building.

Take Action:
Learn about the companies or people who could benefit from your products and make them offers tailored to their needs.

7. Use Boolean logic (techniques for refining searches) to target the right people

Los did a search for consultants and advisers, and he used the minus sign to exclude anyone with “social media” or “Internet marketing” in their title.

Take Action:
When you conduct a search, use Boolean symbols to include the keywords you want and exclude the ones you don’t want.

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Written by Sarah Brodsky, based on production notes by Jeremy Weisz

  • Kevin DaSilva

    awesome cheat sheet Los.  Its unfortunate how many people don’t take advantage of the huge opportunity LinkedIn offers marketers like us. But, with that said, since everyone is sleeping on LinkedIn…

    …Its makes what you are offering here that much more valuable to those of us who know the deal thanks to you.

    to anyone who skipped reading this Cheat Sheet and came straight to the comments section… Do yourself a favor, take 10 seconds and just read the first 3 tactics and you’ll see exactly what we are so excited about (hint: a single group in the “emarketing” category has close to 400,000 members… Again thats in ONE GROUP!!!)

    Thanks again Los I look forward to the course and learning even more from you.


  • Andrew Warner

    Thanks Kevin.

  • -IH

    This was a good one :)

  • Gregg Towsley

    Great Tips! I would agree, if you are looking for new customers LinkedIn is the best place to go. I like the combination of Tactic 6 and 7. Advance search is real powerful! 

  • Andrew Warner


    It’s total hustle and Los shows how it works.

  • Los Silva

    Thanks guys really happy you are feeling the training!

  • Eric Siu

    Great tips! Never thought about segmenting my contacts.  LinkedIn really does look like an untapped social network right now and I don’t think many people (including myself) are taking advantage of its potential.

  • David Schloss

    Who doesn’t love a cheat sheet? It’s not often you come across information on LinkedIn that hasn’t already been said, but Los has gone above and beyond the norm. Want to talk about ninja tactics? Los has outlined just that!

    Not bad Andrew…you brought in a good one here! Thanks again for the post and can’t wait to see the results from my testing. 

  • Peter

    Great cheat sheet!  I just read the other day Linkedin is the fastest growing social site!  Can’t wait for your course to come out!  Good pick Andrew!

  • Kevin Cohen

    What a great tool.  Los is the man!

  • Ray H

    This cheat sheet is to the point. Linkedin can get overwhelmed but Los seriously knows his stuff. If there’s anybody you should be listening to about Linkedin make sure its Los. Awesome Tips Thanks

  • Doug Logue

    I love the, “Use a rifle, not a shotgun” approach. Focusing your efforts on qualified leads is a much better approach. Also, didn’t know about segmenting contacts. Looks like I’m going to be spending some time on LinkedIn this weekend. Thanks for these tips Los!

  • Sweeney Daniel

    Great content as always (Mixergy).. love a good cheat sheet.

  • Dan

    This is, by far, the best training program I’ve seen. I thought I had everything pretty well summed-up when it came to LinkedIn, but Carlos’ tactics have completely changed the game for me. I will definitely use these tips –  I now find them quite imperative to any successful LinkedIn profile!


  • James R Tudsbury

    Really great cheat sheet – gets to the point and delivers all the biggest, more powerful points for using LinkedIn for lead generation. I have found this course very useful and has made a big impact on how I view the potential of LinkedIn, especially as an income-generation tool.

  • Miles Price

    His cheat sheet is definitely on the level of being a playbook for the WPPs and other members of the Big 5 Ad Agencies of this world as well as the top social media mktg experts in the industry. Carlos’ work is absolutely incredible and the way he thinks of lead gen using the site as well as using it as a potential system for targeted and segmented email marketing is just amazing and I am just floored! I have read a lot of courses on here and will continue to but this course was a treasure and so much better than the other courses

  • Andrew Warner

    Thanks Dan. I’m hoping this will help people see what’s in the full courses.

  • Los Silva


  • Los Silva

    Thanks Miles.

  • M. Ambassador Bruny

    Now that is awesome.  I thought I had LinkedIn covered, but you definitely added some gems that I’m going to put to work right away!

  • Mike Lewis

    Great Cheat Sheet, Los, I can’t wait to see your whole course, I’m sure you will over deliver as always

  • Sergio

    Thanks for the good break down. 

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  • Howard Tiano

    Love your suggestions on targeting, Los! I like the no fluff approach, and I can see how just this cheat sheet alone can really boost my LinkedIn marketing! Can’t wait to see the whole course!

  • Erwin

    This is an awesome cheat sheet Los! Looking forward to learning more from you man. 

  • Vernon

    Great tips Los! LinkedIn is becoming a powerhouse for networkers. It’s always nice to find tips like these to keep you ahead of the curve. 

  • Toby Street

    Los, brother, you know your s***!!! This is awesome and when you release courses they’ll be razor content from the trenches. This is working wonders for my consulting business, and def gonna affiliate too.

    Great stuff man!

  • Raf30

    Great information, thank you Los for referring me to this sight.

  • Ryan Reed

    Just a few of these tips alone are golden, but all of them together is recipe for legitness (consult urban dictionary if you must).

    I have actually used these ideas to network and gain relationships with my target clientele. 

    This stuff just works.

    Great job Los.

  • Brad Spencer

    Hey Carlos is the man…just had an iced tea with him the other day and he helped me lay out and refine my system of business (which is totally unrelated to Linkedin)…

    This guy is a smart one and these tips are pretty freaking cool…copyin them down into my notepad for further reading/pondering :)



  • Tina Spriggs

     Way to set the example by helping out and sharing quality information for free, Los!  Knowledge is definitely power and premium knowledge is worth a good investment. It’s always easier to invest, though, when you can get a glimpse inside first.  Good stuff! Thanks fore sharing!

  • Will

    Great cheat sheet! I have nothing but the utmost respect for the vast wealth of knowledge that Los brings to the table, and whenever he “speaks” about  how to market my business, I “listen”!! Thanks!

  • Drake Van de Castle

    Los, thanks for the rich share of LinkedIn nuggets! Some great tips to build trust in an untrusting social work especially when it comes to a potential business relationship!! Gonna have to explore the Boolean logic for search as it sounds like a good way to laser focus on possibilities.

  • Andrew Rapier

    Great Article! You Should Teach More!

  • Laurie Rogers

    Awesome information as usual Los! I highly recommend anything that Los does, he goes above and beyond to help people succeed with their business endeavours. 

  • Andrew Warner

    This course has been killing here. Impressive.

  • Andrew Perillo

    some great thoughts here, I hadn’t realised you could tag your contacts or exclude keywords in their searches. Wish more of our clients would get linked in – actually you’ve given me an idea…..

    Andrew Perillo
    Telephone answering services and Outsourced Receptionists for Business

  • Viv Craske

    Wow, this is really impressive…

  • Los Silva

    Thanks , Drake

  • Joe Adkins

    Good stuff. Would love to see a video of how Los works on a day to day basis

  • Anna Armas

    This is good!! Thank you for Los!! I agree with the previous comments – really useful knowledge and I want to hear more great tips from you!!

  • Muhammad Saad Khan

    I simply Loved the Way Sir. Los Silva has described the Power Rules to Get Maximum Exposure on Social Media. These Solid Tips, Trick or As the Subject Matter says “Cheats” applies not only on LinkedIn but also on other Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter!

    Although i agree with all the points, But loved three of them most and elaborating them below according to my learning during time!

    1. Joining Relevant and Popular Communities and as Sir. Michael Stelzner Says, “Become a Fire-Starter”, means First Help Others, Provide Value and Then When You Pitch them for Favor, THEY WILL RESPOND!

    2. As the World is More Interested in Interactive Media then to Reading, and if we can rationally see in an online world that we are interested in Infotainment and that’s why we are liking the INFOGRAPHIC reads more. But VIDEOS are more compelling, they show how confident and brilliant you actually are. The Videos will convey all your ideology with ACTIONS. And as a Harvard Study says, ” Verbs are Better than Adjectives”. The Statement Gets a True Value by VIDEOS.

    3. Webinars are Powerful, I never believed in them but when i started following Amy Porterfield (The Former Social Media Manager of Anthony Robbins), and listened to her on several Webinars, it has totally changed the way i think! Webinars are super-engaging, they build credibility because the listeners have a chance to ask questions and that’s where you get their trust by solid ANSWERS. And when you pitch them your offer, they boldly Opts in!

    Thanks Sir. Los Silva, You are a Great Friend! – When We LEARN from People like you It Worth a Million Dollar, as Knowledge is the Biggest MONEY ever Considered!


  • Los Silva

    wow thanks so much super happy that you found it useful!

  • Muhammad Saad Khan

    My Greatest Pleasure Sir.!

  • Lead Generation Companies

    Wow! I found great use of social site Linkedin here. I never know about such facts about Linkedin. It is such powerful social media indeed. I must say tactic no.1 and 2 are most important to focus.

  • Andrew Warner

    Glad to hear it!

  • rose norris

    I just become ensure that these strategies would works nicely. Linkedin is such a powerful social tool and while you using it for generating leads as well as get sales leads, you will find that Linkedin is so essential marketing tool.
    it sales leads