An entrepreneur’s review of Mixergy Premium

This is one of the reviews I’m proudest of because it comes from Daniel Tenner, who many of you know through Hacker News, where his articles and comments rank high because they’re so well developed.

The review is incredibly detailed (and even includes Daniel’s breakdown of what he got out of the membership), but I think this excerpt explains one of the reasons people join:

If you’re running a business, there are almost certainly things that you know you should be doing (be that facebook advertising, or A/B testing, or getting more out of LinkedIn, etc), but you haven’t gotten around to spending the time to learn to do them properly. There are books about these topics, but then you have to go and spend time to find such a book, make sure it’s the right one, buy it, wait for it to be delivered (or read it on your Kindle), and actually spend hours reading the book!

So, you can find and buy a book on the topic, which will consume at least 8 hours or so of your time in total and cost you $10-20 for the typical book… or you can watch a Mixergy Premium video for $25/m, which will only take about 2 hours (making allowance for pausing the video and taking notes).

You can read the whole thing on Daniel Tenner’s blog, or you can chat with him on Twitter.

  • Gary Palmer

    I agree totally with Daniel.  I’ve founded then eventually sold several successful business over the past 20 years – the last is a software business  that my son bought and gives me joy seeing him succeed.  I’ve always thrived on learning new and innovative ideas. 
    Julie and I are now living our dream on the Oregon Coast with our boat – Salmon and Halibut fishing – and lots of beach fun with our golden retriever Sprocket.I wish Mixergy was there 20 years ago – But in retirement I consider Mixergy my best learning investment to keep my mind flowing with ideas and learning from other’s successes. 

  • Cyril Mayance

    I’m happy for you Andrew, I think it’s well deserved.
    I am also surprised about the comments you got on HackerNews ( when you introduced your paid subscription model. All these wannabe entrepreneurs who most likely never achieved anything meaningful, and yet allow themselves to comment harshly on what YOU do with YOUR business. I love your answer though: “…this won’t be the last time I’ll make a mistake.”
    Again, well deserved Andrew.Cyril, a happy and highly satisfied Mixergy Premium Subscriber.

  • Andrew Warner

    I was hurt by what they said back then.

    But more than that, I knew that I needed to use it, to make my work better by listening to the criticism.

    I think the Premium Membership has gotten MUCH better since then. That’s why you can hear actual pride in voice when I talk about it and why founders like Daniel find it useful.

    But I still feel the pain of all the things it still isn’t. I need to keep at it. I — we actually — can make the membership much more powerful.

  • Andrew Warner

    Thank you Gary. I read this before hitting record on today’s interview. It means a lot to me.

  • Rob D

    You would have to be an absolute idiot to complain about the $25 a month for premium membership. It’s a steal at that price.. and those people obviously don’t understand entrepreneurship in it’s most basic form. Provide value and help people and you will get paid. Those same people complaining are the same people that complain about EVERYTHING and that is why many won’t succeed. What a joke. Just like all of the people who were hating on the Ryan Deiss interview… talking about how you should keep your standards higher. I wonder if they even listened to that interview? I thought it was great and picked up a lot of useful info, especially the whole email mindset I need to get into. Hell, if I could learn something about distribution from a crack dealer, I say bring it on. 

  • Hack My Business

    Hi Andrew, going to sign up for membership soon. Just a quick question, can i start with monthly & then change to quarterly later? thx

  • Andrew Warner

    Yup. You can do that.

    Glad you’re joining!

  • Hack My Business