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You’ll get:

• The one thing that will compel people to talk about your business

• Why you’re not getting real business from social media now

• How to go beyond Tweets and get people to endorse you

• 1+ hour, downloadable course & guide & resources

1 tip you can use right now:

You don’t have to read any further and you don’t have to buy this course to get my favorite, immediately-usable lesson from this course: make it integral.

Before I explain it, let me ask you something. Do you have one of those social media clusters on your site? You know the ones that people can click to share your content?

It doesn’t really work, right? Sure, you get SOME hits and a few new customers from it, but if you’re honest, you’ll admit that it’s not enough to build a REAL business.

You know why?

Because no one HAS to click on them. They’re “might use” options, instead of “must use.” And, critically, they aren’t tied to user actions.

To get real impact, you need to make social media a MUST USE part of your site.

So how do you do it?

Follow Jonathan’s expert advice

Jonathan gave powerful examples in this course.

He shows how we, at Mixergy got over 4,000 tweets and 2,000 new members in 36 hours by offering a free ebook that users had to tweet about to get. (But, to be honest, he also said we didn’t do it right. Why? Why could we have done to do much better? Well, for that you’ll have to buy the course. It’ll take too long to explain it here.)

He shows how Plancast is even smarter than we are here at Mixergy when it comes to making social media integral to their site’s experience. He shows how Plancast users who want to invite their friends to an event need to use Twitter.

Finally, to make sure that ecommerce sites aren’t left out of the discussion, he shows how a few ecommerce sites offer discounts that you must tweet in order to get.

So what about you?

This tip will help you come up with your own way of integrating social media into your site, but if you want more, sign up for this course.

High-quality customer acquisition and growth is possible

What would getting just one massively-useful idea from this course be worth to your business? $1,000? $10,000? More? This course if full of useful ideas, so you’ll likely find more than one that will change your business.

What you get in this course

• Fully downloadable session in both audio and video formats
• Links to the companies doing social best
• 100% money back guarantee, if you’re not happy for any reason

Andrew Warner

PS Of course, if you’re less than excited about the results from this course, I’ll give you your money back. I want to know you for the rest of your life so I’m eager to see you happy.

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