Lead Generation 101 [Resource Page]

Lead Gen

Are you sick of setting pageview records, while your revenue stays flat — or rises just enough to cover your higher hosting bill?

If this sounds familiar…

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Even if you’re clueless about marketing, this course will show you how to blueprint your customer acquisition so you can get more customers.

It’s led by Juan Martitegui, who starts the course by showing you his own financials to illustrate what these tactics have done for his company, Mind Valley Hispano. Then he walks you through the process of using his system in your own business.

We’re already using his approach to grow Mixergy. I’m confident you’ll use it and see results too.

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Resource Page: Monetize Your Business


Monetization 101 (and beyond) Proven founders teach you how to monetize There’s a lot of talk about ‘how to get funding,’ but if you’re going to have a real, on-going business, at some point you need to make money, right? But how do build a solid revenue model into your business? This series answers that […]

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Want to see how words can seduce your customers?

You’re going to see a champion copywriter breakdown the tactics he uses to persuade. AND you’ll see him rip apart and rewrite bad copy that was written by a smart software company.

By the end of this course, you’ll see measurable improvement in your copy. (I did.)

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Resource Page: Grand Slam Businesses


Build Your Grand Slam Business Founders who built mega-hit businesses teach you how Got a vision for going beyond the small business mindset and building a HUGE company? You’ve probably called BS on the slick-talking businesses gurus who’ve never built a real business, but claim that they can show you how to “go big or […]

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Mark Brooks got a surprise when he spent 30 days in Shanghai. Not only didn’t his company suffer because of his absence, but it actually PICKED UP CLIENTS.

That’s the indication of a real business (as opposed to a job you create for yourself).

So how did he do it? I asked Mark to flip on his computer screen and teach you.

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Premium Members: get the FULL course here Free First Sections: “Grow Recurring Revenue”     Get the FULL course Or give feedback   Frequently asked questions Who’s leading this course? Noah Fleming, the retention expert that Mixergy (and hundreds of other recurring-revenue-based sites) count on to help reduce churn and keep members happy. Is this […]

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Mixergy book

I wasn’t going to say anything until later this month when the startup I partnered with, Hyperink, was ready to launch publicly, but once a link to the book shot up to #1 on Hacker News, my inbox got flooded with questions and it’s easier to respond to everyone publicly.

(And the founder of Hyperink asks me to take this post down, it’ll disappear from the site.)

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